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Economia Solidária

Economia Solidária

I have trouble blogging frequently because I use to write fully researched articles and was called a journalist before bloggers came along.

Instead of infrequency, I think I’ll settle for short bursts like others do. This time, I’ll point out the remembrance that I understand Spanish and Portuguese. I often enjoy story that aren’t all over Slashdot, because they are all over (the Spanish Slashdot). At some point a week ago, I ran into a Brazilian page, which led to Spanish pages. Outside of Venezuela, where Hugo Chavez is personally promoting community currencies, there is a very large community of people dealing in various kinds of social currencies. Some of them from banks dealing in national money as well.

Some of these sites include:

Economia Solidaria


My favorite part of discovering a new set of information on time banking, bartering and other alternative currencies is discovering the phrase Economia Solidári – Solidarity Economy. This article does a good job explaining it in English:

The phrase itself personifies the sense of community that already exists for these social economies, but puts in the forefront the idea of people. The idea of joining peopel together to build something. As Ethan Miller says Solidarity Economics article:

Let’s assume that “economy” is not just about supply-and-demand markets. In its largest sense, economics is about how we as human beings collectively generate livelihoods in relation to each other and to the Earth. The human economy includes all of the varied social relationships that we create in the course of meeting our needs and pursuing our dreams.

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