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BarCamp Houston Slides

Great Q/A and discussion at BarCamp Houston as the presentation was in the smaller of the two rooms. After the session, I had a conversation with someone who had a degree in economics and he asked if any economists had written anything about complementary currency. I mentioned to him that the London School of Economics had published a paper of Edgar Cahn’s. I’m reminded of Lietaer saying that the so-called Nobel Prize in Economics* will never be awarded to an intentional economist.

Thanks Michelle! 🙂

*Nobel didn’t establish a prize for economics because it is not a science. It was established by the central bank of Sweden.


One thought on “BarCamp Houston Slides

  1. One nice question: reading this < HREF="" REL="nofollow">news<>, where is the difference between legal and not legal, official and non official currencies?

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