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Ellen Hodgson Brown

Update 12/2: Here is the website (with blog) for the book.

A week ago, I ordered Ellen Hodgson Brown’s new book Web of Debt. Since I’m still waiting for it (alas, the order is bundled with Toni Price’s yet-to-be released cd), a podcast announced on the IJCCR mailing list is a welcome gift in the meantime.

She notes that money is just a receipt (or as Thomas Greco often says credit) that the community agrees on, so there’s no need for a private issuer. She clarifies that silver versus gold wasn’t William Jennings Bryan’s main issue. The main issue was that the government and not a private bank create the money.

Currency is a commons. When it is privately controlled, decisions are made in secret and language is inevitably deliberately obfuscated and dishonest. As I’ve mentioned before, history is repeating itself on the web as Shel Israel noted that Google is not joining discussions. Last week, this twitter by David Recordon caught my eye. I look forward to the book. I also got to hear Toni’s cover of “Right where I Belong” on the way to meeting up with Rich yesterday.


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