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unMoney Convergence Day 2 of 3

Brownies for breakfast! Yes!…I walked up Pike Street from the hostel (on 1st) and took note of the Kinkos as I made the right turn on 8th street to the Town Hall on Seneca. Kaliya explained the open space format and we signed up to lead sessions. For the first session, I decided to attend Michael Linton‘s presentation “Get the Money Moving.” In the video, Ernie Yacub walks in to assist Michael. I was fortunate to join Ernie and Lori Heath for lunch.

Next, I saw Kaliya give a great talk about user-centric identity. I asked lots of questions and I really appreciated the opportunity to talk digital identity with her. Kaliya was into identity before identity was cool.

I slept through the dinners provided by the hostel and the conference but my friends Rajeev and Ramya picked me up and we went across the lake to Factoria to the local sports bar for pizza. They dropped me back off at the hostel where I got to talk shop with Geoff Chessire as he showed me regenerosity. Needless to say, my first feature request was OpenID.


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