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Stupid Currency Tricks: Request Notifications with Twitter

Staying with the same theme as the previous screencasts, this one again shows how you don’t have to navigate back to the portal site to participate.

Sometimes requests are very time sensitive so it’s important to contact others ASAP about a need. This is a perfect application for Twitter or When someone creates a request, either through the main website or through another site using the OsCurrency API, the request can immediately be sent out to Twitter.

To get this to work, jnunemaker’s twitter gem was installed. It also has support for so I hope to be able to support that as well.

One could imagine that the currency system’s twitter account could display its friend timeline within the currency portal, but that raises a privacy issue. If Jane with protected tweets follows the currency system’s twitter account, that doesn’t mean Jane wants everyone in the system seeing her tweets. Maybe Jane could just tell the currency system not to show her in the friend timeline to the rest of the members.


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