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OsCurrency Heroku Deployment

“Anyone can run their own financial system.” – Bernard Lietaer at the Naropa Intentional Economics workshop.

Thanks to Lee Azzarello, oscurrency can now be deployed to heroku with the master branch. For production use, the edge branch is preferred as previous testing in development and production has been done with edge. Also, two more items need to be worked on for heroku deployment. In edge, search is done with sphinx which heroku does not support. Since a community currency system generally does not need industrial strength search, perhaps this can be replaced with standard database queries. Also, the edge branch uses workling and starling for background processing of newsletter and forum post emails. Heroku uses DJ workers.

sudo gem install aws-s3
git clone git://
cd oscurrency
heroku create
git push heroku master
heroku rake db:migrate
heroku rake install
export AMAZON_ACCESS_KEY_ID=[amazon_access_key_id]
export AMAZON_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=[amazon_secret_access_key]
script/create_s3_bucket [bucket_name]
heroku config:add S3_BUCKET_NAME=[bucket_name]
heroku config:add GMAIL_SMTP_USER=[gmail_username]
heroku config:add GMAIL_SMTP_PASSWORD=[gmail_password]

Here’s a larger version of the screencast on and the finished product on heroku.


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