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Easy Heroku Install and Cheepnis

The last post was a proof of concept. Proof of concept has matured to a working system on Heroku thanks to our friends at the Bay Area Community Exchange (BACE). These improvements allow a lower cost, easier to deploy system. With these benefits, it was a no-brainer for the Austin Time Exchange to abandon the edge branch and merge changes from the BACE fork in master.

This screencast shows the new 3 step heroku installation:

1. git clone git://github.com/austintimeexchange/oscurrency
2. edit config/config.yml
3. script/heroku_install

In the last post, the need to replace search and background processing for heroku compatibility was identified. The screencast demonstrates the new Texticle search and delayed job functionality. In particular, delayed job workers are managed by the Cheepnis library so that you’re not charged for idle workers. Thanks to Mike Travers for providing all of these new features!

Also demonstrated is the new internationalization support. The Spanish translation is nearly complete and it is easy to add new languages thanks to the Rails I18N support. Note that the default currency unit can be changed simply by changing currency_unit_plural in the respective locale files.


2 thoughts on “Easy Heroku Install and Cheepnis

  1. i don't know much about cyclos. it's written in java and very mature with lots of features. however, the purpose of oscurrency is to be able to adapt quickly to a community's particular needs. this is a reason why i was drawn the agile banking group.

    as far as facebook goes, i finished a facebook connect implementation for oscurrency but, due to restrictions in the facebook API, i abandoned this branch and didn't merge into the main branch.

    i think the reason that there is no good facebook app for timebanking is the same reason there's no good facebook app for craigslist. the purpose of craigslist is for people to help each other out. the purpose of facebook is to trap users in a restricted environment for the benefit of advertisers. people go directly to the craigslist site to help each other out to have an experience to accomodate mutual support. in my opinion, people need to do the same for timebanking.

    thanks for sharing the link. checking it out.

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