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OpenTransact: rel-payment and OpenID

Warning: I boosted the microphone amp on this one. šŸ™‚

A blog is a great place to accept web payments. Livejournal, blogger and wordpress allow bloggers to make their blog url their OpenID. In this screencast, we see that when a blogger on WordPress.com adds links, she can easily associate the type of link (through microformats). One microformat is rel-payment:

RelPayment is a microformat for making exchanges of support (be it financial or otherwise) possible. By adding rel=”payment” to a hyperlink a page indicates that the destination of that hyperlink provides a way to show or give support for the current page. For example to give financial support to the owner of the current page.

The opentransact payment in the screencast is made with this bookmarket.

Although WordPress.com has the XFN microformats enabled, the rel-payment microformat is not enabled.

Update 3:15pm: BTW, this screencast is part of a conversation started by Guillaume Lebleu on an Agile Banking mailing list thread.


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