Moving from Blogger to WordPress

Welcome to OS Currency on wordpress!

From the opensourcecurrency google group (10/3/13):

Over the last year or so, while github participation (issues, some 
documentation and one virtual dev meetup announcement) has increased, the 
opensourcecurrency.org blog has sadly been inactive.

While the blog has been performing solidly as an archive of old posts, with 
some help, it could also offer a more welcoming experience and opportunity 
for mutual support among people who are interested in oscurrency.  

Here is the good news.  Amy Kirschner has been using oscurrency for almost 
a year for B2B mutual credit exchange and has suggested that wordpress 
would offer more functionality (than blogger) and allow easier access for 
participation from admins (rather than coders).  As Amy uses oscurrency in 
support of vbsrmarket.com, she is especially interested in usability and 
the community around the software.

Even though there are some details to work out (e.g. wordpress.com vs. 
self-hosting), it seems reasonable to switch the blog in a week or so.  

There is no change in existing process: software development issues are 
still discussed on Github with logistical/upgrade issues promoted to this 
Google group.  Also, there is clearly a need to improve the documentation. 
 Please feel free to use Github issues to identify gaps in the 
documentation.  There are many.  If you are not comfortable with using 
Github, another alternative is to blog about any problems (or any 
experiences in general) you are having with the software.  Additionally, as 
this Google group is a low traffic mailing list, it seems likely there will 
be a need for an additional higher traffic forum like discourse.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.  Have a great weekend!


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