OSCurrency now featuring Twitter Bootstrap UI

Mobile Responsiveness FTW! We just closed our milestone in github this week. Thanks to all contributors, Tom Brown, Ziyan, rewritten, acao.

A note from Tom Brown about the Bootstrap Process:

in issue 185 (jan 10), @acao explained "I would love to help with a snazzy
twitter bootstrap UI implementation as well...Our project is nearing
launch, and we would LOVE to have mobile responsiveness built-in, and a
nice clean bootstrap UI strategy...bootstrap/sass are sooo powerful!"

@herestomwiththeweather replied "i'm probably not qualified to set up
"bootstrap-sass and all the other assets handling all set up" though. maybe
someone else will step up to get this ball rolling."

The next day, the initial set of commits were delivered by @rewritten: "Check
the https://github.com/oscurrency/oscurrency/tree/bootstrap222 branch. I've
added external bootstrap files, font-awesome, and swapped the legacy tabs
with the bootstrap's ones (they weren't working)."

on Feb 1, the google group was given notification of this effort with the
justification that the efforst was "to improve the user interface (and
especially for mobile devices)":

the bootstrap effort was idle until the end of june when a milestone was
created for a collection of bootstrap issues:

at the end of july, the google group was given notification that the
bootstrap branch would be merged into master:

the twitter bootstrap project page is at http://getbootstrap.com/




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