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One Web Day Austin

[ had the opportunity to talk about community currency at One Web Day. There is an archive of talks. It was neat to see Cafe Caffeine‘s customers stop in for coffee throughout the evening and stay awhile to listen in on the compelling talks about privacy online and the war for peace. A big … Continue reading

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Codeathon Participants Earn Time Exchange For Their Volunteer Time

Participants earn time to receive services for their work building open source software to benefit the nonprofit community. (Austin, TX) The Austin Time Exchange Network (ATEN) helps people trade an hour of work for another hour of work within a community. Instead of bartering between just two people and placing different values on the service, … Continue reading

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Austin Penguin Day, April 28th

We are looking for nonprofits to attend, but also for technology professionals willing to present or just participate in sessions to add to the information presented. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Penguin Day Comes To Popular One Day Conference Showcasing Open Source Technology Use For Nonprofits And Communities Makes Austin Debut Austin, a city well known for its technology-centric … Continue reading