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Consensus and the Commons

In the Future of Ideas and Money and Lessig and Lietaer posts, a community currency is compared to the Internet. Both of them form an innovation commons. Associated with community currency design is protocol. Contrast this with national money where laws generally regulate use. Protocols on the Internet are generally established by the IETF. Jeanette … Continue reading


commons / complementary currency / lessig / lietaer

Tangled Up in the Future – Lessig and Lietaer

This is a followup to The Future of Ideas and Money. Bernard Lietaer reveals the difference between money and currency. What a central authority requires in payment of taxes, thereby imposing it as legal tender, is money. Taxes lock us into money. Money is the Yang. It promotes competition and scarcity created through hierarchy. Currency … Continue reading

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The Future of Ideas and Money

Kellan suggested that some books are read better together and asks “Do you have favorite pairings?” Following Rich’s post on the Creative Commons, I’ve been thinking about Lessig’s The Future of Ideas and ever since the Naropa Workshop on Intentional Economics, I have thought it would be great to pair Lessig with Bernard Lietaer, author … Continue reading