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Stupid Currency Tricks: Twitter OAuth Consumer

3/27/09 Update – Twitter announced today a new method that apparently allows one to follow someone in one-click from another website but it is a negligible step forward. It seems to take two clicks and doesn’t return the follower back to where he came from as is done in this screencast with OAuth. Twitter recently … Continue reading


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Stupid Currency Tricks: Identica

In the last screencast, requests were posted to Twitter and members were automatically followed when they associated their Twitter ID with their OSCurrency account. In this episode, we see how minimal changes to the code allow us to do the same with Identi.ca instead of Twitter. Besides all the advantages of being open source, Identi.ca … Continue reading

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Stupid Currency Tricks: Request Notifications with Twitter

Staying with the same theme as the previous screencasts, this one again shows how you don’t have to navigate back to the portal site to participate. Sometimes requests are very time sensitive so it’s important to contact others ASAP about a need. This is a perfect application for Twitter or Identi.ca. When someone creates a … Continue reading